Project of the Week: 3D Print Your Own Articulating LED Lamp

Articulating Lamp
Engineer and maker Igor Albuquerque have created a 3D printed articulating LED lamp that you can mount on your desk and configure to fit your work or study environment. 

Studying or working late tonight? Well, you’ll need good lighting at your desk to keep your eyes comfortable and healthy. Why not use your 3D printer to create a flexible LED lamp?

Today’s project is an Articulating LED Lamp designed by Brazilian engineer and maker Igor Albuquerque. This 3D printed desk accessory is extremely versatile and doesn’t get in the way while you’re busy at work. The designer provides three different sized arms, allowing you to extend the reach of the lamp however you see fit.

Albuquerque modelled his lamp after the 3D printable articulating phone mount designed by Kenneth Haynie. Thanks to the adaptable design, you’ll be able to configure the desk lamp to your needs.

3D Printed Articulating LED Lamp: What Do You Need?

In order to create your own 3D printed Articulating LED Lamp, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3D printer
  • PLA filament
  • 5watt LED spotlight
  • GU10 Socket
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws (for mounting)

You can download the STL files for the model from Thingiverse.

Although this project isn’t too difficult to 3D print and assemble, Albuquerque does caution us to be careful when working with electricity.

“Make sure there is no short circuit and just try to connect to the electrical power plug after making sure that all components are properly connected and double insulated. If you don’t have enough experience working with electricity, ask for others help,” he states on his Instructables post.

You should also be careful not to touch any exposed wires or the metal part of the LED lamp once it’s turned on. If the wiring is exposed, keep it out of reach from children and pets.

3D Printed Articulating LED Lamp: Putting it all Together

The lamp is comprised of eight individual parts, all of which need to be 3D printed once, aside from the nut.stl (you’ll need to print this part four times). Albuquerque suggests using 0.2mm resolution and 20 percent infill. Additionally, only the lamp holder.stl requires support structures.

Once you’ve 3D printed the various parts that make up the Articulating LED Lamp, it’s time to put everything together. First, you’ll start with the wall mount, threading the bolt through the wall mount and the wall joint parts. Next, attach the female arm to the wall joint using a knob, followed by connecting the male arm to the female arm. Then, attach the lamp holder to the other end of the male arm and pass the LED spotlight through the lamp holder.

Here’s a great picture showcasing the full assembly process:

Finally, mount the Articulating LED Lamp to your desk area and plug it in. You should have a working light to guide you through your studies or work.

If you want to view the full assembly instructions, check out Albuquerque’s Instructables post. Happy making!


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