We are a team united by our passion for technology and in particular for innovative technologies.
This is why we decided to enter the world of 3D printing: a growing sector, a concrete and current reality with great future prospects.
The willingness to participate and make our contribution to this technological revolution has led us to invest in this multi-faceted production sector.

Our “mission” is to facilitate the access to these new technologies through our printing services.

For professionals, in various fields, such as prototyping, medical installations or designing, we offer production solutions that reduce costs and provide a high-quality product.
We also address non-professionals who finally have the opportunity to realize their projects and their ideas in a practical and accessible manner.

In short, we give a new perspective to all those who want to give shape to their dreams.

Marcello Valentini
You Think it I Print It!

Leonard Ambrogi
The Dodecahedron Brain

Marco Prayer
The IT Nerd

Bryn Newman
Herding This Cats